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Get Your Business Into The 21st Century With Cloud Accounting

Why Cloud Accounting?

The ever-evolving advancement in technology makes our lives easier everyday. Adopting new technologies can dramatically change the way we do business. Switching to a cloud-based accounting system is one such technology that can be beneficial to your business. Used correctly, it will substantially increase the efficiency of your business by saving you time, increasing the accuracy of your record keeping, and simplifying the accounting processes. Cloud accounting is quickly becoming more mainstream, and is seeing more businesses make the switch. 


How Cloud Works

Before cloud software, normal practise would see businesses own and maintain their own accounting software in-house. Typically, all data would be stored using expensive servers, within the business premises. Cloud accounting software runs on a web-based system, which means you can access your files from anywhere that you can get online. Your subscription cost covers the lease of the software, and the storage of the data by the software provider at their premises, not yours. No more updating out-of-date software, and no more spending money on large servers to store the data.


Saves Time

Cloud accounting can be setup to link directly to your chosen financial institution(s). This can allow the software to extract required data automatically, and include your bank transaction records in your accounts. Taking advantage of this aspect can save your business several hours of data entry and bank reconciliations.


A Cheaper Option

Your web-based cloud accounting plan includes everything you need in the one place. No need to buy more expensive hardware, software, user licenses, and gone are the days of purchasing upgrades. Your monthly fee gives you access to your chosen product, and the options that come with it. Hassle-free upgrades are included in the package and happen automatically behind the scenes.


At Work, Home Or On The Road

You can securely log into your financial accounts anywhere that you can access the internet. This allows your staff the flexibility to work remotely anytime, on any device. In order to help us better advise you, and with your permission, JDM Accounting can access and review your accounts. Taking advantage of this service gives you the ability to help make financial decisions more efficiently, and effectively. 


No More Waiting

One of the truly impressive features of cloud accounting software, is the ability to produce reports and budgets in real-time, with a single-click. No more waiting for month end! 


Yes, It Is Very Secure!

Since the inception of cloud software, sceptics have considered it an insecure alternative to the more traditional means of data storage. However, best practice has shown that when stored in the cloud, your data is indeed the most secure it can possibly be. Reputable cloud software providers use the same remote servers as the world’s most renowned banks and companies. Continual automatic backup of your data eliminates the worry caused by possible in-house server, and back-up issues. Similar to banks, all users must access the software online via a secure password. Left idle for too long, and the system will automatically log out. All user activity is recorded in detail making it easy to identify entries. 


How Do I Get Onto The Cloud?

Contact us today for assistance.

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