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Does your business run smoothly?

It’s important your business runs smoothly, particularly when undertaking business critical projects. Our corporate advisory team can support your business to ensure these projects are implemented with ease and in line with your corporate vision.

Our corporate advisory services have been developed to ensure your business implements a solid foundation for success no matter how complex the project may be. We do this by utilising the talent and experience of our highly skilled personal business advisor, combined with our technical compliance teams.

Our corporate advisory expertise will lead you towards growth and will:

  • Develop a strategy for your projects

  • Assist with negotiations

  • Undertake valuations and due diligence

  • Provide advice on your optimal business structure

  • Prepare financial models

  • Develop planning and strategy for your business exit or succession

  • Advise on staff remuneration and employee incentive schemes

Contact JDM Accounting today to make an appointment for us to discuss.

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